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Mobile phone shop decoration style must be able to attract more consumer attention, in order to show stronger competitiveness. Of course, this has to be a little tricky. Now let’s share the tips of mobile phone shop decoration for you, to teach you more easily to build mobile phone shop decoration.



The interior design of mobile phone stores mainly focuses on the counter display. Reasonable design can improve the use level of effective area and the utilization rate of business facilities.

The principle of the interior design of mobile phone shop is overall balance, outstanding features, harmony and convenience to buy. Mobile phone shop interior design mainly includes space layout design, color design, sound design and lighting design.


We can see this cell phone shop size is big. The space is enough to display many products.

The layout of a cell phone shop usually includes the cashier area, display area, customer experience area and seating area. We can design it according to your shop size.

We can make a floor plan for you first to see how to arrange the layout. The next step is to start the 3d design.


The below picture is the area for the cell phone display. It has many display cabinets to display the cell phone on the countertop. So that the customer can try and test them. On the wall has cell phone posters, this is a good way to decorate the mobile phone shop not look so dull.


The most important and necessary step is to make a customize cell phone shop design. Whatever how big your shop is we can make it with a perfect design and meet what you need. Just contact us to start your dream and we are so happy to help you to come true!

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