Hot sale mobile phone shop display counter interior design

When it comes to digital products, what is the first thing that comes to mind? It must be a smartphone. Entering the Internet age, it is common for everyone to have a mobile phone.

Therefore, in the face of such a large demand, there are many mobile phone stores opened all over the world. But the design of mobile phone stores is basically the same, how to attract customers into the store consumption? The decoration design of the store is an important part of a mobile phone shop.


Let us start this cell phone shop design from the layout first. The shop has two C shape display counters and a square counter on the front of the shop for display the cell phone, iPad etc. The square display counter on the right side is to display the watches. When the customer enters the shop, they can visit and choose the product they want.

On the back of the cell phone shop has some slatwall display showcases. This area can display some phone accessories like the USB cable, earphones, charger and so on.

On the back wall of the left side cell phone shop is an experience area. The customer can test and try the cell phone, watches or any other products in this area.


The material of the cell phone store we usually use MDF with baking paint. And if it has a wooden color, we will use a veneer with varnish. For the glass, we use 8mm tempered glass, or we can update it to ultra-clear glass if you like.

We will install the led strip lights, the same lock with key, the logo etc. When you receive the cell phone shop display furniture, you can use them directly. Just need to connect the wires to your shop then it will work.

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