Apple store cell phone display table wooden store furniture

With the progress of science and technology, electronic products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Among them, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of us. Now there are also a lot of people who use Apple phones in order to pursue the trend.

More and more people use Apple phones, and Apple stores have been created as a result. For Apple store decoration space to be more open, personality. Now let us see the details of the Apple store design together.



The overall layout of the store is a very important link in the whole decoration design, it affects the effect of the whole decoration. So be sure to be based on the characteristics and style of their products to carry out the layout.

Whether it is the placement of counters or the placement of mobile phone products, should give people a well-designed sense of logic, the layout at a glance, clearly visible. Do not let customers can not find the products they want to buy, do not give customers the impression of chaos, to have a rigorous and professional state, so that customers do not want to leave. 


We can see it has many display tables for the Apple store. The size is about 2500 x 800 x 750mm or any customized size according to your store size. And about the material of the display table, we can use plywood with laminate or veneer finish.

You can choose the size and quantity of the display table according to your shop size. Or we can make a new 3d design with your shop size and put the display table in the shop for you to see the effect. You can display the cell phone, iPad, computer, or earphones, etc.

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