Are you interested in popsicle cart in the mall center? Do you want to begin your business with ice lolly stand? Because of good taste and cool feeling, ice cream become popular among people. I am sure that you can earn a lot of profit by open a popsicle cart. Now, I am going to share a nice red popsicle cart with you. Hope you will like it.

Portable popsicle cart for sale

This unique popsicle cart looks like a bag, with curved side and mental top poster ceiling. The size is about 2.5m long, 0.8m wide and 1.8m height. The cart size, style and color is customized according to your requirements. Inside the cart body has two cold machine, which used to restore and showcase popsicles. Consumers can purchse the items convenient. Beside, cashier register set on one side, people can pay bills easily. Then, your brand logo on the front side leave deep impression on people. This customized mall cart with light, cables and wheels, so it is good to use wherever you want and even push to distance. Do you like this cart style?

  • Main material: MDF and mental frame
  • Surface material: Baking paint
  • Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, light, cables, hardware, etc.
  • Design time: About 3 days, you should leave more time to confirm the design
  • Production time: 15-18 business days. Please confirm the time table with us before order.

Real picture show

ice cream kiosk

From the desing picture, you can view the details clearly. And what you can see in the design drawing, what kind of kiosk you should get in real life. So, we should pay more attention and energy to confirm the final design. What do you think?popsicle kiosk ice lolly cart

Our factory has more than 10 years expereience in mall kiosk and cart fields. You are welcome to visiting our factory. If you have any new ideas about ice cream cart design, please feel free to contact us! Thank you

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