Reception counter customized for a shopping mall.

Many big malls and shopping centre in the centre of the city, It makes our life very convenient.

When you go to a strange mall, maybe you have any problems or get more information need to consult with the people of the reception counter.

A reception counter is very important for a shopping mall.

As a professional production factory of reception counter, and has completed more than 5000 projects, today I share some designs:

The first design is a round shape of reception counter,  it is made by MDF with backing paint or stone.

The second design is solid wood with LED light, you can custom make it with any size or shape.

The third design is fashionable and simple, It can often be used in the company or small malls.

And also you can custom make it with your logo and so on …the price is competitive for this shape reception counter.

The fourth design is an “S” shape reception counter, it can be working for 3 people.

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