Modern restaurant bar counter design wine reception counter for the shop

when you go to a restaurant, the first eye you see will be the restaurant bar counter.people will do payment here, consulting Information or order food. So you can see many high-end restaurants will have a very unique and nice bar counter. Restaurant bar counter plays an important role in your shop decoration.If you are still looking for a nice bar counter design, the below model can be a reference:

restaurant bar counter design

See the bar counter design, have you attracted by it? we designed it for an American customer before.It totally used coffee color and dark brown, matching dark coffee marble whole bar counter looks very high-end.Front Trapezoidal shape design makes it looks very unique. Back is a tall wall cabinet used to put wines. At the top, we did an arch ceiling with lights.

restaurant bar counter design

  • size:4.5m by 2m, bar counter height 1.2m, back cabinet height 2.4m
  • Materials: plywood with wood veneer finish, countertop used marble
  • Features:modern,high-end and functional 

Unique kiosk is a factory specialize in making customized restaurant bar counter more than 10 years, so have rich experience in making bar counter. we are located in Shenzhen city, China. Because labor cost and rent are lower than American and Europe, so a lot of customers from the USA, UK, Europe, Australia will glad to find us help them.

And we have a professional design team, you can share your needs, we can create the bar counter you want. So you can get anything you want. That is very cool, right? if you have needs, just feel free send us an inquiry!


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