Purple Practical and Luxury Nail Bar Kiosk to Arizona

Nail bar kiosk plays a big role in our daily life. People usually do nail beauty along with their best friends when in a shopping center. Shopping malls are absorbing nail salons to retain more consumers, but they also have requirements for nail salons. This can best protect the interests of consumers and is easy to manage. Today, I want to share a practical nail bar kiosk with you. It’s a very popular nail kiosk style in the mall.

Purple nail bar kiosk design

It’s a very standard mall kiosk at size 4m by 3m. It has nail working tables on two sides, each side has 4 working chairs. So this nail bar kiosk allows 8 clients to enjoy nail beauty services in total. There are glass display shelves in the backside. The outside has a big light light poster as advertising. A big brand name on the top with light is the beautiful scenery of this kiosk. The entrance has two squared white cabinets, one for the water sink and another one that uses as a storage place. It can also use as a checkout counter with a cashier register. 

Light and color decoration

Unique light and different colors make the nail kiosk unique and attractive. When making a CAD drawing, you can choose the best suitable color for the nail shop.

Light decoration

This kiosk has a floor light at the entrance counter. And two posters with light also put up on the front side. When clients go by, they will see the advertising clearly. And those who plan to do nail beauties may enter in to learn more. You can also put a menu here. The brand name also comes with a bright light to increase lighting and make your nail shop more visible.

Color decoration

The main color of the kiosk is sliver with purple decoration. It’s a very luxurious color in nail kiosks. Purple can reflect the aristocratic temperament, and let people take the initiative to associate your display cabinets with high-end products to improve your nail store level.

Please pay attention to the shape of the surface of the workbench, it makes your shop look more interesting. Because this is the place where customers receive services directly, and it is convenient for employees to work. This nail beauty kiosk can also change other unique colors that match your brand theme.

The material of the nail bar kiosk

Basic material: MDF or Flame retardant MDF

Surface material: Purple baking paint and sliver baking paint

Logo: Acrylic luminous logo or Neno Logo

Kicking: Stainless steel

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Accessories: Sliding rail, locks, table light, tile sink, etc.

We should choose a suitable material to make the nail bar counter. And if the mall manager requires other materials, we can also use the required materials to make the kiosk. Such as plywood with a solid wood surface, laminate, marble stone table, spotlight, etc.

Some popular questions reference

  • How to get a unique nail bar kiosk?

Find a good location is the first step. Then decide the details of the nail beauty kiosk. Next, make the professional design drawing, so you can get a unique nail bar kiosk as you like. It’s better to find a designer to help you finish it.

  • How to manufacture the nail kiosk?

The workers have to prepare material according to the mall kiosk size. Then build the wood bodies, and we can see how the nail kiosk looks like. The third step is to paint the kiosk the same color as you want. We will paint nearly 6 times to get a perfect effect. Finally, the step is assembly the nail kiosk and test light and locks work well.

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