Pink Manicure Kiosk Shopping Center Nail Salon Station in New York

Are you looking for a manicure kiosk in the mall? More and more people follow the trend, and nail art is the easiest way to change a person’s temperament. People can also decorate their nails with different colors and patterns. This service is easy to start with a mall kiosk to earn money. In theory, nail art is best done once a month. This can not only maintain the shape of the nails but also protect our nails from harm. Today, I want to introduce a pink manicure kiosk to you.

4m x 3m manicure kiosk design

As the picture shows, it has 7 manicure stations in total, which allows more people to enjoy nail service at a time. The long manicure table has 5 sofas and the side has two chairs. There is a table on the top, a table light on the side for light. Next to it is awaiting sofa with dark red cushion, very bright color as the pink decoration. There is a high stand with a lightbox poster here. Font side used for menus, clients can choose services project directly. It is also a great place for the video player.

This manicure kiosk has two entrances, the checkout counter in the middle corner to separate them. It is an L shape counter with brand logo in front and poster advertise in the side. So people can see you in different directions. Near one entrance door is a glass display stand with shelves. And a water sink counter near it for wash hands. Brand logo also put here to remind people of the nail shop.

Color decoration:

The main color of the kiosk is white, pink is a very attractive decoration. It express a high end and lovely feeling to people. This manicure kiosk also has pink acrylic lines on kiosk body. When adding light inside, it makes your shop outstanding in the shopping center. Flooring light also in pink color, very magic and luxury. Brand sign also has pink back lit to enhance the theme.



Material information:

This manicure kiosk is good to use in every shopping center. As it use better materials to build it and can use for a long time.

The main material is MDF, a very strong raw material for mall kiosk. If the manager require fireproof material, we recommend to upgrade it to Fireproof MDF. The surface material is baking paint, no matter what color you need, we can paint it in different color. Other materials includes 8mm tempered glass, light lamp, stainless steel, metal accessories, etc.

How to open a manicure kiosk?

Finding a location is very important to start manicure business. Because a good location can bring us more target customers and improve sales.

Then decide a shop theme and decorate the manicure to match people’s aesthetic. Attractive decoration attracts people enter into your shop.

Next step is arrange the counters better. Good layout help you work well and make full use of space. For customers, they feel relax and enjoy nail beauty service in your store.

Finally, design and manufacture the manicure shop. You should find a factory who can help you do both design and manufacture. As the design drawing show how the manicure kiosk looks like finally. And he who make the design picture knows more about the structure. So they will notice the details when building kiosk and give you high quality production.

Last but not least, packing the goods and delivery to your country. Before shopping, the workers has to test the works to work well and clean it, so you can receive a perfect nail kiosk.

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