Prague shopping mall retail shop nail bar counter

With the increasing of people’s living standards .Substance does not meet the needs of the people.

However pays more attention to spiritual needs.Heart of beauty in everyone ,especial for girls.

That’s why Manicure business come out ,and more and more nail retail store and mall nail kiosk are booming.

Manicure is a work of decorating the nails, also known as the art design. Manicure is the process of disinfecting, cleaning, nursing, maintaining, modifying and beautifying the nail according to the shape, shape, skin and clothing color of the guest. It has the characteristics of diversified expressions.

Above design is one of my Prague customers  mall retail shop nail bar counter.which used in Prague shopping mall.

its size around 4*2.5 meter .. the main material is MDF with white baking paint and man made counter-top

As we can see on one side there are 5 working stations ,on the other size normally put some nail products display

And water sink to wash hands after work for staffs.And there is a TV display to show the video of products and models

Besides normally for a set kiosk which we included inside cabinet +led menu+water sink +wires+sockets + locks.

If you want to TV,chairs and lights we can also help to offer you.

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