If you don’t know what kind of business is suitable for you, maybe try to open a nail bar in the mall for a test.

Why do I advise to open it? The hand is equivalent to a woman’s second face. More and more women do beauty salon nail in their free time. Of course, not only nail beauty, but also eyebrow, hairdressing etc. We are a professional company, which mainly do customize salon beauty kiosks in the shopping mall. For example, below exquisite nail bar kiosk in the shopping mall.

From the above picture, we can see that it is standing out in the shopping center. 1) it with several light boxes on the external, it shows the whole kiosk very bright. 2) there is a roof upon the nail bar table–it can increase brightness and decorate effect. At the same time, it with a toenail chair in it. Every corner is used to excellent. Besides, we also provide the vacuum under the countertop.

Generally, we suggest to use MDF as basic material in the salon kiosk, the surface is glossy baking paint with different colors—do the color as customer’s favorite one. It looks high-end and elegant. Cause the glossy surface. Also, some customers would like to add the light in the kick toe or paint colors in it—-people can see it from the distance.





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