Are you going to open a crepe shop in your country? It’s a great idea to start your business. There are many new business ideas, however, food shop is the most popular idea recently. People likes delicious food and drinks, like crepes, waffles, cakes, etc. If you are going to open a food shop to sell crepes and snacks, you will gain more customers and earn a profit. Today, I want to introduce a retail crepe shop to you. The crepe shop is decoration follow on our customers idea. We can help you build one meet your demands.

Introduction about crepe shop furniture

This crepe shop including service counter, working counter, seating area, storage area, bathroom, etc. As we can see in the picture, there are tables and seats near the entrance, customers can seat here and enjoy food. The service counter is set in the middle. People can purchase food and drinks here and pay cash conveiently. Light box paintings and light menu box  hang on the top ceiling, so that clients can view your products from far away. As for a retail food shop, you can sell many kinds of snacks here. And put necessary machines in the working counter for better use. The brand logo and posters can put in the wall for decoration and let people remember you better.

3D designs show

crepe shop counter

The book shelves can put books and other items here. When consumers waiting for their meals, they can read them. Is it a good idea? This shop also set a bathroom and storage room. Do you like this crepe shop decoration?

Material introduction:

The main material to build the kiosk is Plywood. The surface is solid wood veneer. The counter top is man made stone. Other materials including stainless steel, locks, tempered glass, light box, etc. If you have other material requirements, please let us know. We can also choose suitable material to build the kiosk.

If you have any new ideas, please let us know. We are looking to discuss your own shop furniture decoration.

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