cosmetic kiosk

Cosmetic kiosk

Introducing a new cosmetic kiosk design that can be use both outdoors and in open-air shopping malls. Its ceiling is made of transparent glass and a black metal frame, and there is an acrylic logo. Their formation can prevent rain and moisture. This cosmetics kiosk has a rectangular layout. On the side of the front are display cabinets with posters. The front is use to promote products. There is space above the posters for placing decorations. On the back is a multi-layered display shelves with enough space.

The details

In the middle of the cosmetics kiosk is our double-side display stands, which is a double-layered storage item underneath, with items placed on the countertop. There is also a double-layered display rack based on the countertop, one of which is use to store hairbands. Display pole. Next to this display stand is another type of display counter. A 3D luminous logo can be add to the front of the display counter. The interior is a glass display with light strips. Products can also be placed on the countertop. On the far right side of the cosmetic kiosk is a glowing billboard, on which you can write today’s special price or discount information.

On the left side of the cosmetics kiosk are two side-by-side double-side display stands, with a triangular display shelf on the countertop and a multi-layered shelf below. And on the right side of the cosmetic kiosk is a rectangular glass display showcase, and next to it is a taller square glass display stand. They all have logos on the front, and can be use to properly display some decorations or products such as perfumes or jewelry.

A wall was built on the back of the cosmetics kiosk. There are 3D luminous logos on the outside and inside of the wall. There is a wall hanging rack on the outside. In the middle of the wall, there is a poster below. On the reverse side are two counters with empty tops, like window, next to it as a back door. There is also a reception desk inside the cosmetics kiosk, which can be use for cashiering and product consultation.

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