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Cosmetic kisok in mall

If you want to open a cosmetics store business but don’t have enough funds, what can you do? Let’s start with a small business at a cosmetic kiosk in a shopping mall. Today we introduce a small cosmetics kiosk design, which is simple but shows its high-end fashion. The overall cosmetics kiosk has a boxy shape, and the black kiosk makes the kiosk look more advanced. On the surface of the kiosk, make multiple hollow logos and choose a logo color different from black. The logo here uses white to make the logo more prominent and conspicuous. Adding posters or lightbox paintings will only make it more perfect.

Inside details

Three of the four sides of the cosmetics kiosk are made into windows. Each window has a slope-like display cabinet. Cosmetics are placed on the display cabinet. The advantage of the slope display cabinet is that it allows customers to see all the products at a glance, making it easy to take and place. try out. There is no window on the back of the cosmetics kiosk. As a back wall, a wall-mounted shelf is installed on the back wall. There are many types of shelves that can be customized according to your product. We can make a design first so that we can confirm it. is the right product for you.

Post your product posters on the outside of the back wall. Even if the customer cannot see the front of the kiosk, he can clearly understand the products you sell through the posters on the back. It is beneficial to place your logo in multiple directions.


We’re custom factory, and can custom it according to your requirements, such as size, colors, logo, style etc. We have helped many customers to get the approval of the mall. Also have professional design team, can make the 3d design. The design fee is USD300. We have many different styles cosmetic kiosk in mall, if you are interesting in the kiosk, pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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