Pink Lovely Smoking Ice Cream Kiosk For Sale At Mall

Smoking ice cream is more popular in summer, and you can see small vendors selling smoky ice cream on the street. The smoking ice cream utilizes the smoke formed by the liquefaction of liquid nitrogen at a low temperature of minus 198 degrees Celsius, plus different light colors to form a smoky artistic effect.

Smoking ice cream is simple to make, easy to operate, and has strong fluidity. It will smoke in the mouth when eaten. It has a magical feeling, and the taste is delicate, without ice residue, very fun, magical and attractive.

The smoking liquid nitrogen ice cream principle uses liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius to directly perform ultra-low temperature processing, which can quickly freeze and solidify, and form in a short time, reducing the amount of cream and milk used. No additives are added during the production of the magical magic smoking ice cream. It has a silky texture and a more delicate taste without ice residue.

There is a kind of smoking ice cream in the market which is popular with girls. So the kiosk design is made of pink looks very lovely. If you want to start a kiosk business in the shopping mall, then kiosk design is the most important. It can attract different customers, not only girls but also some kids.

Product detail:

Item name: smoking ice cream kiosk.

Size:3m by 2m or customize for you.

Color: Pink, white or your favorite color.

Material: Plywood, MDF, Acrylic logo, Stainless steel.

Finish: Laminate, man-made stone, sunshine stone.

Light: Led strip light, 3d lighted logo.


How to get a customized kiosk? Here below the design steps:

First, if you want to start a business. Whatever it is for ice cream, yogurt, or any other foods. You need to join a brand or establish your own brand. If you join a famous brand it will be great helpful for you. Another choice is to establish a new your own logo brand. You can make a logo from your local design company and send to us. Then we will add the logo on the kiosk so that the customer can see your brand and know you.

Second, 300USD for the customize kiosk design fee (the design fee will return the order payment). And our designer will make the customize 3d design with your requirements. How long will you receive the 3d design? 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit we will send the 3d design to you. And if you check it is not good, or you have any comments. Just let us know, and then we will change it according to your comments. Or we can discuss with our design team to make the design until you satisfied with it.

Third, after we finalize the final 3d design, we will start the construction drawing. Meanwhile, we will check the exact price for you and send the quotation to you. You can send the construction drawing to the shopping mall management for approval.


We are the professional of the customize ice cream kiosk. Our company has our own factory and a strong design team. What we offered to our customer is the best quality and perfect customize design. If you want to make a smoking ice cream kiosk like this, or other design with your location size. Just feel free to contact us to start it. We will help you to do it all.

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in our design, welcome to communicate with me. Let’s design the best kiosk for you.

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