Creative And Fasionable Ice Cream Kiosk For Sale At Mall 

With the fast development of society, ice cream is one of the most popular food in the word. People likes to eat ice cream in hot weather and even after dinner. Since ice cream has a big market in the world, I am sure that you can earn money. It’s a good idea to open an ice cream kiosk in the shopping mall. Because mall center has all kind of products meet people’s needs, they prefer to buy everything there. Today, I want to share a ncie ice cream kiosk with you.

3D design show

mall kiosk ice cream stand

Ice cream kiosk design is very important.The client  chose the store get  through the First feel. Looks nice ice cream shop will bring people feel better. So we must be attaches great importance to shop decoration. Find a professional design team is very important too. Because they will help you make a unique and attractive ice cream kiosk design. From where you can see how your own ice cream kiosk looks like. Here are one of the most popular ice cream kiosk design in our factory. You can use it as the basic design of the store. Besides, when you add your own brand logo and change the layout, I am sure that you can get a perfect ice cream kiosk, too. What do you think?

ice cream showcase

This ice cream kiosk looks very creative and fasionable, right? Then,Let me intruduce the detail for you,

Item name: Creative And Fasionable Ice Cream Kiosk

Size:15 by 10ft or other size as you want.

Material: Plywood, acrylic logo, tempered glass, Stainless steel

Use: In the mall center or food court

Our campany has a professional design team and maker. We will try our best to make your requirement of design. We can do all kinds of kiosk for you. If you are interested in kiosk, or have any question, please feel free to send me a letter. We are here and ready to help.

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