Are you looking for a cell phone store design?  with the coming of 5G, smartphone business will grow into to next high point. So ,  invest in a cell phone relate business or expand a mobile phone network definitely a good business. However, for most accusations, start a cell phone retail business or experience center you will need a unique design to present to the landlord.

Here below is a nice Pink light cell phone store design | 5G phone store experience center for you.  This is a typical cell phone retail store with a square layout. and entrance are on the front sides.

5G cell phone store design

As you can see from the 3D design. all the four sides are decorated with wall display, while the middle fit with experience stands and display table., All the new models can display on top it where user can easily test and try.

5G cell phone store design

Mobile Phone Store Design Ideas

On the main part of the wall where against the door has a big brand wall. On this wall has 3D illuminated LOGO to give the brand information. If you have many accessories or cell phone add-ons, the sidewall slat displays will just perfect for you.

The most interesting idea in this pink color of cell phone store design, As in a more deep mind, a cell phone store retail shop is a tech theme, must use blue or white combine black to give a new fresh feeling. This cell phone store design will give a totally unique impression at first sight.  I m sure this cell phone store will attract more female customers.

Unique also custom best cell phone repair kiosk for sale. If you need a phone repair station or phone repair counter in mall , please visit our factory.

mobile phone store design

Unique Custom Cell Phone Shopfitting

Unique Kiosk is a professional store fixture and commercial display furniture manufacturer, we custom design a and build the shopfitting according to owners ideas and existing floor layout. Our designer is all experts in cell phone and digital markets for many years, we familiar with all the display requirements and stands materials. As long as you require, we will carry out the best work for you.

Except for cell phone store design, we also design retail stores for jewelry, cosmetics display, and even grocery. whether you need a high-level luxury store to decorate or simple convenience shops need to furnish, you will find the best display furniture here.  From large wall display cabinet to small acrylic display stands, you can get anyting for display solution at Unique Kiosk. Contact our team now and get your shop build in a cost-effective way.

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