Customize computer store furniture computer display kiosk for sale

When open a computer store, you should first decoration and buy computer display kiosk for your business. With the development of technology, computers have become smaller and lighter. So it is convenient to carry around and handle work anytime, anywhere. Our company provide customize kiosk service for customers, if you want to sell computer in your own store. You can decoration like this.

3D design for this computer store

The layout of the computer store

Computer store kiosk

computer display stand

Description about this store furniture

This shop is like a rectangle, and its length and width is according to your shop. You can sell cpmputer, phone, phone accessory, TV and smart product. Because we can design and production the counters and kiosks suits for your business.

There are 4 display counters to display computers. One is closed to the door, one is on the center and two are stand side by side on the right side. On the back wall is a big TV and a ligh box to advertise the new products on sale. On the left side are glass display cabinets for phones. Accessory wall is for hang on phone cases, cables and other accessories. Customers can sit and listen to you about the features of the product, because the glass round table and colorful chairs helps a lot.

On the back side is a long receiption table. Therefore, you can cash in here and provide services for repairing mobile phones and computers here. Don’t you think it’s very convenient? If you are the store owner, should you design your computer store like this way?

Materials about this comoputer display kiosk

The basic matrial is MDF, the furface is baking paint with blue and teal LED light. Other materials include tempered glass, aluminum splot plate, stainless steel kicking. When production your own computer display kiosk, we will use the best material for you. Besides, we can add wires, lights and istall all the kiosk for you. When you received, just put them to the right place according to the design shows. It’s very easy and convenient to use. All the display cabinets with locked doors, so it is impossible for customers to take the phone out of the glass showcase and take it away without your permission.

I hope you will like computer store design. We are looking for your own idea about the design you want.

Thank you for reading.

Contact email: sales02@uniquekiosk.com.

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