The phone plays a very important roll in our daily life. And you can find phone stores nearly everywhere. If you want to have your own phone display kiosk, please don’t miss this article. This design may suits your phone store better.

You should use dark blue as the basic tone. This phone store measures 6m by 6m. Firstly, we can see 2 experience tables with 4 seats in the center. Secondly, it is a cashier counter on the backside, customers can check out here. There is a big publicity wall, you can put posters here and a high display stand to put high-end phones. Thirdly, on the right corner, you can hang on phone accessories. Finally, In the front wall is a glass window, when people go by, they can be attracted by the products. Isn’t cool? Besides, you can see the 4 glass display stand on each opposite side, it’s a better show different kinds of phones. What’s more,  you can also put hot selling models on the display cabinets for customers better purchase.

All the display stand and cabinet in cell phone shop design with illuminated logo, which is very unique and eyecatching. Don’t you like this phone display kiosk design? Now let’s view it’s layout together.

cell phone shop design

Top view of the cell phone shop


The basic material is MDF with high gloosy baking paint. And all the display cabinets and showcase should with white led light. On the left wall hangs a big TV to play video advertise. Every display cabinet with locked cabinets, so please don’t worry about it. Other materials like clear glass, man-made countertop, wooden floor, stainless steel locks, hardware, etc.

Could you like this store design? And if you want to know more information, please contact us. We can give you more advice about your own kiosk design. Thank you.

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