In this information age, our lives are inseparable from electronic products. Especially mobile phones, we cannot do without the mobile phone as a communication tool. Because the function of the mobile phone is very powerful. It can make your life more convenient.

If you want to open a shop, then first you need to consider many aspects. For example, cell phone display cabinets, cell phone reception desks, and lighting problems, etc. These are what you should pay more attention to.

Phone Store Design

If you want to open a store, 3d design will be necessary for the whole store. You just feel free to tell us what kind of the style that you want. What size of the shop do you have? All of the 3d design are based on the size. Because the shop size depends on how many stands you will have, how big of the stands you will have.

A unique store will include the display stands with different style, cashier counter. Next, I will introduce the display stands to you.

Unique Display Showcase

There are many display cabinets in mobile phone shops, and different display cabinets have different functions. The wall will have the display stands, which are generally used to display mobile phone accessories. There is also a display cabinet used in the middle of the store, which is generally used to display popular products and mobile phones. Most of the cabinets used to display mobile phones are glass laminate displays.

Display Stand

The material of the display stand is MDF and the surface is baking paint. The display counter include the logo and glass showcase. For the interior of the display stand has a cabinet to storage the product. The glass showcase have a sliding door with the lock. The bottom of the display is baseboard which can prevent the display stand from damage.



Wall Display Showcase

The display showcase is glass shelves display showcase and has 5 layers to display the phone or phone accessories like phone case, ear-phone, USB cable and so on. In general, a phone display stand will include the light strip to make the whole display showcase more bright. If you want to add the light strip for each layer, it will be good choice. The top of the display showcase, we will add the light box and will make the whole display stand more unique. Bottom of the display stand is storage cabinet and save some space for whole shop storage.

Table Display Stand

Table display stands are often used in the center of the shop. This kind of display stand is often used to display computers and mobile phones. In this case, customers can try it out and learn about the use of the entire computer or mobile phone. Regarding the height and width of the entire table display stand, we can all customize these. In this way, the table display stand can be more in line with customer requirements.

Display Stand

The display stand has three drawers and the cabinets to storage the store inventory. Front of the display stand, we add the logo which is made into acrylic. For this type display stand will display the phone or ipad. Then customer will try to use it and will know the feeling of using.

Cashier Desk

The cashier desk is necessary for the whole shop. The cashier desk we use the MDF as a main material and the baking paint as a surface. The size of the cashier desk is 1200*600*900mm.  The logo of the front is acrylic. If you need one, we also can help you do it.




We are custom manufacturer, and will produce the shop furniture based on your needs. If you have any question for it, just feel free to contact us.


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