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Are you looking for a cell phone display cabinet with hooks? It’s a very popular display fixture in the phone store, as it can hang more phone cases and phone accessories. Before opening the phone shop, we have to make a floor plan and arrange fixtures in the proper place. Let’s view more details together.

Introduction of phone store fixture

phone store fixture

Size: 1200mm*500mm*2000mm

Color: White and black color

Style: Modern, attractive, and useful

Material: MDF with baking paint, slat wall with hooks, stainless steel, light, and sockets, etc.

As we can see in the design picture, it is a wall display cabinet design, mainly use to hang phone accessories. The top ceiling has a stainless steel sign, which guides people to purchase goods. The body area is an aluminum groove plate with hooks. It can divide the showcase area into 3 lines, which make full use of space and can showcase more products for sale. The countertop uses to place mobile phones. People can purchase a mobile phone in this area. Under the countertop is open cabinets. Smart speakers and other products here to increase sales performance.

phone display send

How to get this phone display cabinet?

First step: tell us your requirements about phone store fixtures. It’s better to make a rough sketch, so we can discuss better and understand it well.

Second step: make a 3D design drawing according to the description. It needs about 3 days to get the first design drawing.

Third step: check and confirm the design drawing. You can also send the design pictures for mall approval.

Fourth step: make a construction drawing with detailed information. It shows what material to use and how the kiosk being made.

phone display cabinet

Production details:

Production progress determines how strong the slat wall display showcase is. Workers focus on the production process and concentrate on craft, we hope that every shop owner will receive good and high-quality products.

We first make a wood kiosk body with MDF according to the size. Then we make it in different colors. This phone display fixture is white and black in color, so we paint it glossy effect to better showcase products. Next, we will hidden wires and light strip to the kiosk, so it has a light for bright. Therefore, we can get the correct display shelf the same as the picture shows.

How to deliver the goods?

Package details:

When we finish the phone display fixture, we should clean it up. Then use PE foam to cover the display fixture, outside is the wood box package. Package time needs 1-3 days, depends on how many sets do you need.

Shipping details:

Delivery time is about 28-36 days depends on the final port. We have to leave at least a week to declare customs and prepare documents before sail. You can receive goods from the destination port. If you want to receive goods from the address, we can do DDU shipping terms. Air shipping is the fastest way to send goods. And you can get it from the airport.

How to install the kiosk:

We make the kiosk in our factory and assembly well before shipping. So you can use it directly when receiving goods. We can also make an assembly instruction to show you how the work being done. Since the store fixture has light and wires, we have to connect it into the shop electronic box.

Where are the goods being made?

The phone store furniture is made in Shenzhen, China. You are welcome to visit our factory when you travel to China. Thank you for reading

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