Mobile phone stores, mobile phone accessories stores, and mobile phone shops are some of the most popular stores. The things sold in it are often used in daily life, such as mobile phone cards, mobile phone cases, data cables, earphones, stereos, etc. When visiting these stores, have you ever observed the display cabinets inside? I have seen many specialty stores, and most of the furniture inside is made of wooden display cabinets. Especially Huawei or some other business halls. The use of wooden furniture is very extensive, it looks very safe and comfortable on the outside, and the texture and quality of the users are very good. Therefore, most people also choose to make display cabinets with wooden exteriors when they open a store. Today I will introduce several kinds of furniture in the mobile phone accessories store.

Cellphone & Laptop Shop Furniture

We all know that there cannot be only one kind of furniture in a store. It is generally composed of wall display cabinets and ordinary display cabinets. The ones against the wall are generally used to display some accessories, and the cabinets placed in the middle are generally used to display mobile phones or speakers.

This is a very common display table in mobile phone shops. On the table, we can put laptops or some speakers and headphones and other products. It can also be used as an information desk because it can sit on both sides.

Size: 2×0.6x1m

Material: Plywood with veneer

Color: Wood and grey



This table can be used to display laptops, and it is also a double-sided display. In addition to the display area above, below is a storage cabinet where we can store our parts. There is a partition in the middle. It happens that the epidemic situation is relatively serious now, and many places will have this partition requirement.

Size: 1.2×0.8x1m

Material: MDF, veneer, and baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Color: Wood, white

This is the most popular and most commonly used display cabinet against the wall. The application of wall display in many small stores is very extensive. It has a small footprint and large capacity, making it the first choice for many customers. This display is mainly a shelf display, with AA pillars and shelf supports installed on it. We can change the height of the laminate at will. If the size of the product you want to display is different, we can choose this display cabinet.

Size: 1.2×0.35×2.2m

Material: Plywood, veneer

Color: Wood and white

Logo: Acrylic


Does the product support customization?

Yes. All our products are designed and customized according to our client’s requirements. Especially for shops. We all know that there are many different sizes and shapes of stores. We need to buy products that suit our shop. And we need to ensure that the furniture can be accurately placed in our shop after purchase. At this time, we need to make a design for the store. The design is to put the display furniture you need into the shop according to your shop floor plan. The size and color of the furniture can be customized. So we can design the size of the furniture according to the size of the store.

After completing the design, we can see how much furniture our shop can accommodate and the effect of the display. This will make it easier for us to make decisions and learn more details.

Unique Furniture

We are a customized company, here, you can complete the design, production, and transportation to your country. From the beginning to the end, you only need to comment on the design. We have our own design team and factory, and you can know the progress of the goods at any time. Here, there is no middleman, and our prices are all product prices, which are very affordable.
We mainly export, so no matter where you are, we can ship the goods to your port or the address you specify. If you are buying a product in China for the first time, it doesn’t matter, our staff will help you resolve all your doubts.

Our Working Process

  1. Design: The shop design fee is 500-800USD. It depends on your shop area. The design time is 3-4 working days. It allows modification. When confirming the final design, we can know the exact price.
  2. Confirm order. You need to pay a 50% deposit, then we will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  3. Transportation. When finish production, you need to pay the balance payment and shipping (If you need us to transport), we will arrange the transportation. Time is 25-35 days.




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