Phone Store Design and Phone Display Rack

The mobile phone shop is a shop we often see. Mobile phones have become a necessity for mankind. At the same time, the pressure of competition in this industry is also very high. So we need to make a strategy first when we prepare and open a mobile phone shop. This will make your goals clearer.

How to Open a Phone Store?


First of all you need to find a good location. Because a good position can get a better opportunity.

Design & Decoration

Secondly, a good shop decoration is needed. Then you first need to make a 3D design according to the size of your shop. The shop can be renovated only because of the good 3d design.

Unique Disaplay is a direct supplier specializing in the design and production of commercial furniture. We can design the entire store according to the needs of customers. You can share your own thoughts, what you want. We have professional designers who can embody all your ideas in the design. So you can see the whole effect. During the design process, if you have any modifications, we will also assist modify.

Stores are generally filled with showcases and cashier counters. A shop will have many different kinds of showcases. Next, I want to introduce to you how many types of designs are available in this shop.

Display Stand 1

The material of the display stand is MDF, and the surface we use the baking as a material. And the size of the display stand is 1200x500x1200mm. There are four layers to display the phone and phone case. For each layers, we will install the led light strip on the display showcase.

Display Stand 2

The display stand is against the wall, which can make the shop more beautiful and eye-catching. This display stand is built by MDF. The exterior is baking paint. The size is  1500*350*2400 mm. The top of the display stand install the light box to decorate the display showcase. The poster you can send me that you interested. We will add it that you like.

There are 7 layers to display the phone and phone accessory. Each layer have the layer install the light strip. The bottom of the display showcase has six drawers to storage the goods.

Reception Desk

The size of this reception desk is 1500x500x1200mm. Its main materials are MDF and baking varnish. This one does not have a logo. If you need a logo, we will also assist you in adding a logo. The back of it can be used as a cash register or as a maintenance counter. This also saves a certain amount of space for the shop. There are two drawers and one cabinet to storage.

Production Process

The production process include 4 steps for the phone store furniture. The wooden cabinet is first step. The second step is to polish the surface and make the surface more smooth. Then do the 4 white primers and 2 baking paint. Finally, Install the glass, led light strip, lock and drawers.

How Much Will I Cost?

We are direct custom manufacturer, and the price based on the design and size. You know different people will have different needs for the display stand, so the price it is also different. Like the above wall display stand, one will cost 660USD. If you have any ideas for the display stand, we also can customize it for you like size, shape and etc.

When Will We Receive it?

The time include the design time (3-5 working days), production time( it will take 25-28 working days for the whole shop furniture) and shipping time.


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