Phone Repaired Counter & Phone Accessories Display Showcase

Now the mobile phone market has covered the world, and the applicable population is very common. In the same way, the mobile phone repair and mobile phone accessories market has gradually developed. Mobile phone repair is very advantageous, generally you can check your screen, sound, and cleaning functions.

In order to get better profits. While doing repair services, we can also sell mobile phone accessories and other products. This can make our business more friendly.

Next, I will introduce the phone repaired counter to you. You can take it as a reference.

Phone Repaired Counter

The repaired counter is L shape. The front of the repaired counter has a logo that will make people know our bread. Inside of the repaired counter will have 3 sets cabinet to storage the goods. The repaired counter have many functions like repaired, reception, cashier and so on.


More Details for the Repaired Counter

  • Size: 2000x700x1200mm
  • Material: MDF
  • Surface Treating: white baking paint
  • Others: Acrylic logo, sockets, locks, and the stainless steel baseboard

Reception Counter

In a  phone repaired store, reception counter is necessary.  You can fit it near by the door, and put some magazine.  You can see the front of the reception desk has logo and website for visit. It means that customer can found the shop service at the website. The Inside of the reception desk has two layers to storage some magazine and some data. One you have ideas for the reception desk, we also can satisfy.

Or fit it in the rest space, and put some coffee or snacks for customer. Then customer can sit on the sofa and read magazine with their leisure time. They can wait their phone that is repairing at the same time. If you have enough space, you can fit sofa for your shop. If not, juts put some chairs.

Specific Details for the Reception Desk and Sofa

Reception Details                                   Sofa Details

-Size: 1200x600x1200mm                                        -Size: 2000x500x1000mm

-Material: MDF                                                            -Material: MDF

-Surface: Baking Paint                                                -Surface: Baking Paint

-Others: Acrylic logo                                                   -Others: Leather

Display Showcase

Display showcase are served for the phone accessories, phone, and even computer. It depends on what you sell, and you can choose the suitable display showcase for your product.

The curve display counter can be as a cashier desk. Two sides of the cashier desk are glass showcase and can display the phone or phone accessories. From angle of inside, you will see that the table can have a one people. Front of the table, it also install the logo and website. Both ends of the cashier table have the cabinet to storage the goods.

The size of the cashier desk is 1500*600*1800mm. We use the MDF as a basic material, baking paint as surface treating. This type logo is acrylic hollow logo.

Glass Showcase

It is simple style, but it is high-end when you put your product and light on. The size of the showcase is 1000x300x800mm.  There are two layers to display your product. Inside of the display showcase install the light strip to make the whole display stand more bright. You can rest assure that it will be perfect when you put it in your shop.

Opening a phone repaired shop, you need to consider many aspect. So 3d design is our first step to do it. It will show all of your needs to you, then you will know the effect clearly. Only you know the final effect, will you want what you have. Then we will help you realize it.

Unique display are focus on designing the shop and produce it. We have professional design team can work out the solid plan for your shop. We are direct factory and can produce the shop furniture for you.

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