The role of lights in our lives is very big. It can make the night like the day, and it provides a lot of convenience to our lives. If there are no lights, we can still survive, but life will never be as exciting as when there are lights. The previous lights are just to facilitate our work in the dark. With the provision of living standards and the development of technology, more and more types of lights are becoming more and more beautiful.
The lamp is very durable and a necessity for every family and society. Therefore, lighting shops are very common. They sell all kinds of lights and other daily necessities. What I want to give you today is a very beautiful lighting shop. Both the interior design and the layout of the furniture are very attractive.

Lighting Store Design

If we are selling lights, when we have a shop, the first thing we need to do is to decorate our shop. When installing ceiling lights, we can use our hot-selling products, so that customers can directly see the effect when purchasing. Its types are not limited, we can use 2-3 different types of lights.
After the whole shop is decorated, the next thing we need to do is to buy some display furniture. When buying furniture, you should also consider the situation in the store. Try to make good use of all the space.  Take the following lighting shop as an example.

We can see that there are a lot of pillars in the middle of its shop, what we need to pay attention to is. The pillars obstruct our vision and are not beautiful. All we need to do is turn the pillars into display pillars. This requires us to design a suitable display stand around it according to the size of the column. As shown on the left. We can see that around the pillar is a display stand, it has four layers, and each side can put our products. This increases our display space and eliminates the presence of the pillars, thus transforming it into a display stand.


We can see that the ceiling of this store also displays three very common ceiling lights.

Since some lamps are relatively small in size, we made some display cabinets against the wall to show some of our own smaller ones. For a retail store, wall display cabinets on both sides of the store are indispensable. Because the middle is the channel for customers, it is the best choice to place products on both sides of the store.
In addition to the display furniture of the lamps, the front desk is also indispensable. It is where our employees work and customers pay. We can put our brand logo on the wall behind the front desk. This will look more professional.

The variety of display furniture can also make our shop more charming.

What is your order process?

For the store, the first step is to design. We need to design suitable furniture according to the size of your shop. With the design, we can know how much furniture our store can accommodate, and what their colors, styles, and display effects are like. After confirming the final design, we can know the exact price. The price depends on the quantity and style of the furniture. After we confirm the final design, we will give you a quotation so that you can know the exact price of the entire store.

The shop design fee is based on the shop area, the price range is 400-1000$. It allows modification. So you don’t have to worry about your dislike design. When you pay the deposit, we will start production.

Payment terms: 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.

Production time: About 28 working days


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