Customize cashier counter with the lighted logo for a phone store

Do you want if you want to open a mobile phone shop, what kind of furniture need for it? Usually, the mobile phone shop will sell cell phones, cell phone accessories like cell phone cases, earphones, USB cables and so on. They also provide a mobile phone repair service as well. So what are the furniture need for a mobile phone shop?

For a common mobile phone shop, we need commercial furniture like a cashier counter, mobile phone display showcase, phone repair desk. First, the mobile phone shop needs a cashier counter for the customers to pay the money there. So today I want to recommend some cashier counter for the phone shop on this post.

Customize cashier counter with logo


The size of the cashier counter for the cell phone shop:

1200 x 600 x 1000 mm or with your size.

The color of the cashier desk for the mobile phone store:

White and blue or any color you like.

The logo of the checkout counter for the phone shop:

3D hollow out lighted acrylic logo customized with the customer’s logo.

The design of the cashier counter 

We can see from the above picture the design of the cashier counter. The main color is a white color and the toe kick we can paint it another color as you like. On the front, we make the hollow out acrylic lighted logo customized with the customer’s logo. The customer sends the source file of the logo to us and then we add it to the cashier counter for the mobile phone store.

For the back of the cashier desk, the size can for you to put one computer on the countertop. This is a counter for 1 or 2 staff so the size is not too big. We make the 4 drawers for you to storage something. If you want to put the keyboard here, we can make a pull out board for you. Meanwhile, the left and right has the cabinets with the same lock with key can put something here also.

The middle we leave a space because this area can for staff to sit here to empty for put foot. We will install the socket for you to connect the power to the computer. The wire will come out from the cabinet or the toe kick. So you can connect this wire to your shop power supply.

The irregular shape checkout counter

This is a small size checkout counter with white and solid wood color. Look at the design, it is not a common shape like a square and a circle. The shape is irregular and the middle is the solid wood material. It is obvious that the white color combines with the wood color is a good design.

On the front of this cashier table, we add the customer’s logo. This kind of logo is 3d lighted logo, it is a better quality than a hollow out acrylic lighted logo. We will install the 3d lighted logo in our factory. And light up the logo then take the pictures for you to see.


The production time of the cashier desk:

If for 1 cashier desk it is about 15-18 working days.

The package of the cashier table:

With strong package – foam inside and wooden box outside.

The shipping of the checkout counter:

We will ship the counter by sea to you. ( to the destination port or door to door address ).

The shipping time of the cashier counter:

This depends on the port of your country. Usually, ship to USA about 28-33 days on sea.


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