Black and white phone store furniture phone accessories shelf for sale

Recently, we received an inquiry about phone store furniture. The owner asks me whether we can do customized phone accessories shelf with a brand sign. As for customized furniture manufacturers, we are professional in building unique shop furniture. He felt happy and ordered directly, we now help him produce the phone accessories shelf. Now, I am going to share a useful phone accessories shelf design with you.

Description of the phone accessories shelf

phone accessories shelf

As we can see in the design drawing, this mobile phone display shelf is located against the wall. The top ceiling has a big brand sign, the middle area has 3  white shelves for placement.

We can place mobile phones on the desktop, The countertop is designed to be inclined toward the customer. So that the design caters to the customer’s line of sight and enhances the display effect.

While the bottom has different levels of open cabinets. Since there is a display counter in front of the shelf, customers can see them and cannot reach them.


phone display shelf

More information:

Color: The main color is white with a side and top black color decoration. Each shelf has a light lamp and the top ceiling has a spotlight.

Size: 1300mm L*300 D*3000mm H. The size has to fit the shop size. So please measure the wall size first, then decide each shelf length.

Material: The basic material is MDF, the surface material is high glossy baking paint. It looks very attractive and outstanding. Other materials like stainless steel logo with light, light strip, etc.

Order steps from design to receive

As for a customized kiosk, we have to make it according to customers’ needs. Since they have unique requirements, we will make a new 3D design to show the phone display shelf. So, when building it according to the drawing, people will receive the correct phone store furniture. Let’s learn more details together.

phone display shelf

Phone display shelf design part

Discuss details about phone store furniture

The more details we get, the more design meets your demands. Therefore, please feel free to tell us all your requirements before the start to get it earlier.

Make a 3D design according to the design

The design team works together to find the perfect and practical design solution. It takes about 3-5 days to finish.

Check the design drawing and confirm it as the final design

What you should do is check the design picture and confirm it as the final drawing. If you need small changes, we can also modify them better. Besides, you can also submit it to the manager for approval.

Complete construction drawing

Construction comes at the end of the design parts, as it shows all the details directly. Workers will also build the kiosk as plan.

Phone display shelf production parts

Our workers cooperate to build the phone display shelf, they will first make the body of display shelf. We can see the kiosk body in this step. The second step is to paint color, this procedure takes time as we have to paint it more than 5 times. The third step is installation. We will add light, lock doors, and install wires inside the kiosk. Brand logo also complete in this part. When turning on the light, you can see how it looks like. The last step is testing the phone store furniture and arrange shipment.

Phone display shelf shipping parts

When the phone display shelf is ready, we will first clean it up. Then pack it well with PE foam and a wood box for long-distance delivery protection. Finally, booking and boat to ship goods to you.

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