Outdoor Pink Candy Display Kiosk Colorful Snacks Display Booth Design

Why the candies and snacks are always popular? It is because that people like to eat the candies and snacks from their childhood. The children and adults all love the candies. If you want to run a small candies shop, the outdoor candy display kiosk is your best choice. In this way, you can save your cost on the place rent fee and the shop decoration fee.

Beautiful candy display kiosk

This is one outdoor candy kiosk, you can put it in the place which you have got the permit. The candy kiosk for you is a booth and it is likely that you own one shop. You can use it to run the small business for a long time.

outdoor candy kiosk p1

First, the kiosk top is designed with local place features, it is very special. The red and blue points are around the kiosk 4 sides. Second, the candy display booth has one window in the front, it is for putting and displaying the candies. The display racks for other snacks are outside and below the window. The shade curtain is pink and yellow and it can keep out the sunshine, wind and rain. Besides, the pattern in yellow decorates the window, it is delicate.

All kinds of the candies and snacks are on the window shelf, and you can sit inside the kiosk. When customers come pass the kiosk, they can buy the snacks from you directly. There is one door of the candy kiosk on the left side.


The outdoor candy display kiosk main color is pink, and other colors are yellow, blue and red. The colors are beautiful. When you have colors requirements, we can make the effect out on the design for you to have a look.


About the outdoor kiosk, we use high quality and proof-weather material to make it. We need to make it durable and stable under the sunshine, wind, rain and snow situation.

outdoor candy kiosk p2

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