Creative Outdoor Coffee Kiosk Unique Street Cafe Coffee Cup Bar Design

Are you have some troubles on renting one place to do coffee business? For example, the place is hard to rent and the rent fee is very high for you. We can solve you the problems and provide you the suggestion on designing and producing the outdoor coffee kiosk.

Special coffee kiosk

The outdoor coffee stand is very special, because no matter its shape and colors, it matches the characteristics of coffee. First, the coffee kiosk is one coffee cup shape, it can attract the customers very well. The top and bottom base is the deep brown lid and the main color is light brown. The coffee beans patterns are between the glass and window. The coffee kiosk has one door at the back side, it can keep the kiosk safe.

outdoor coffee kiosk p1

The window has a small opening for the staff to send the coffee out on the bar, then customers can take it away and pay for money. The inside part has the counters for you to work.

outdoor coffee kiosk p2


The logo can be designed at the bottom of the coffee cup, it is easy for customers to remember your coffee kiosk when they look at your booth or buy coffee from you.


The diameter of the outdoor coffee kiosk is 1.8m. It is suitable size proportion to make the shape. More bigger and more space. We can customize it for you.

3D design of outdoor coffee kiosk

Such outdoor coffee kiosk is a good internet celebrity clocking location, people will like to take photos with your kiosk and buy coffees. It is a good promotion way to bring customers. We can make creative 3D design for the kiosks base on your ideas to meet your all needs.


Before production, we will send the technology drawing for you to check and confirm. After that, our workers will make it step by step to control the high quality. The kiosk is handmade strictly.


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