2.5 x 2.5 m outdoor service food booth fast food kiosk

Many people want to start their own business now. For a food kiosk, you can choose the location outdoor or indoor, according to your need. If you want to open a food kiosk outdoor, you can choose a container food kiosk and an outdoor food kiosk.

Choosing a food container kiosk or outdoor food kiosk is according to your location size to decide. Today we want to share an outdoor service food booth design with you.



Now let us introduce the details of this outdoor food kiosk to you. The size is 2.5 x 2.5 m and the size we can make it with your requirement. You can send us your location size and then we make it the size you want.

The material is the metal frame, plywood with laminate and inside the countertop, we can make it man-made stone or stainless steel material.



You can check the above picture for the layout of the outdoor food kiosk for reference. We can talk together about the layout of the outdoor food kiosk.

Our design team can make a new outdoor food kiosk design for you. And the size, layout, material, logo we can make as you need.

Before we start the 3d design, please send us if you have the equipment list and menu, logo etc.



We can ship the outdoor food kiosk to you by sea. Usually, if the width of the outdoor food kiosk is within 2.4m we can fit a whole set in a 40HQ container.

So if you don’t want this outdoor kiosk to disassemble, we can change the width to 2.4m. All the equipment machines we can put inside the kiosk and ship it together to you.

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