Outdoor juice kiosk design orange beverage display booth

Fruit juice tastes good and is nutritious, so people often drink fruit juice. So that is why many businessmen start the juice food business. If you want to do the juice business, you may need a kiosk to help you to start. Our company can help you to make a juice kiosk to start the business.

Not only for indoor or outdoor, but we can also make a customize kiosk to fit what you need. We have many indoor and outdoor juice kiosk designs, you can check and choose your favorite.


This kiosk can use in outdoor to sell the juice. It is a circle shape kiosk, on the front is the cashier area and on the left side is a display area.

About the size of this outdoor juice kiosk is the diameter 3m. We can customize the size you need. You can decide on the outdoor juice kiosk according to your location size. Or how many staff to work inside.



For the material of the outdoor juice kiosk, we will use wood material. The basic material is plywood and the surface finish is laminate and solid wood. On the top, we can make the logo lighted or not lighted as you need. Usually, we make it an acrylic logo. We can make some menu or poster for better promotion.


Our design team can make a customized outdoor juice kiosk 3d design for you. Before we make the design for you, please send us your location size, your logo and other details. Meanwhile, for a customize 3d kiosk design, it will charge a 300$ design deposit.

We will send the 3d outdoor juice kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days. Please review and let us know.

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