Orange Phone Case Stand Cell Phone Cover Kiosk to Felixstowe

The mobile phone cover kiosk is one of the profitable industries. Mobile phones and mobile phone-related businesses have a great impact on people. If you are planning to start investing in a small business, please do not miss the mobile phone case business. We recently shipped a phone cover kiosk to the UK, hope you can get some ideas from it.

phone case kiosk

Orange phone cover kiosk design

This phone cover kiosk matches a location of 4m by 2m space. The double-sided display can not only increase the display space but also attract customers’ attention. It is also very suitable to be placed in the store as a central display stand. The phone cover kiosk has two entrances, allowing people to enter the store without queuing.

There is a service guide at the entrance. The left wall has a slat wall display with hooks, which is good to showcase more phone covers and other phone accessories. Brand logo at the top shows the adapted mobile phone model, it can help you sort items and convenient for people to choose products. While the bottom has locked cabinets to store more phone covers.

The outer wall is a slanted display stand for arranging mobile phone cases. The bottom shelves mainly for tablet covers and other bigger sizes of protection cover. To meet customers’ needs, we increase the display area in front of the reception counter.

CAD design steps:

As for a customized kiosk, every owner wants to see the real looks. Our designer help makes professional CAD design according to your needs. CAD design drawing including 3D pictures and detailed information. Now, let’s see how to get the CAD design step by step.

phone cover kiosk

Design steps:

First, decide on a decoration style. You should first know what kind of kiosk you need, then we can show them directly. Including kiosk size, color, layout, style, etc.

Second, make a CAD model accordingly. Our design team will first take a meeting to discuss more solutions. And choose a good way as the basic design. It takes about 3-5 working days and needs a 300 USD design fee. The money can use as a deposit when to confirm the order.

Third, confirm the final design. You can check the design picture carefully and confirm it as the final design. Small changes to make it better is for free. And if you have new ideas, we can also help you add to see the effect.

Finally, make a detailed drawing. The detailed drawing includes size, material, layout, electronic plan, divided counters,  and production schedule, assembly, etc. Our workers also follow the CAD design to build the phone kiosk

Material Description:

As we can see in the picture, the main color is orange. A black frame with white decoration makes a unique effect and also better show the items. You can also use another color to make the phone case booth.

phone kiosk

The basic material is MDF to build the phone cover kiosk body, the surface is high glossy baking paint. Which looks smooth and outstanding. Baking paint is widely used as a surface material and can be accepted in most shopping centers. We should send the color code, so you can choose a matching color for your kiosk.

All the display stand use an 8mm tempered glass door with locks. It can both show the items and can also protect the goods from stolen. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, light lamps, and menu posters. All the materials can use what you choose from and can even upgrade when in need.

The production time needs about 25-28 working days. We recommend leaving more time for this project, as shipping to the destination also takes time. Thank you.

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