Mobile phone accessories are very popular and cheap products. In shopping malls, we can often see a lot of mobile phone accessories stand. The types and colors of mobile phone cases they sell are colorful. They make the whole kiosk look beautiful. We all know that only when the exposure is high, our sales will be high. A mall is a place with a lot of people, so people in many places want to start their business in it.

On our website, you can see many different sizes and styles of mobile phone accessories stand. We are a kiosk manufacturer and have done a lot of kiosks. Our design is open and we do it according to customer requirements. So you can definitely get your favorite kiosk here.

Mobile Phone Accessories Stand Details

The iconicity of this stand is very strong, and we can immediately see what it does. Its size is not big, but the business is more. It sells mobile phone accessories, mobile phones and repair mobile phones. The lightbox painting is also very helpful for customers to understand our business. We can concentrate all of our business on one picture. After the customer sees the content of the lightbox, they will know if there is a service suitable for them.

The display cabinets of different products are also different. Most of the mobile phone cases are displayed with aluminum trough plates, and the capacity that the hook can display is a lot. The mobile phone is displayed using a gloss laminate. In addition, some of our display cabinets are also in different forms, which makes our kiosk more design. It seems more attractive.

mobile phone kiosk

At the entrance, we also set up a disabled passage.

Size: 3x2m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Glass: Tempered glass

Others: Stainless steel, lightbox, luminous logo, a phone model, LED light



mall kioskMobile Phone Accessories Stand Production

This cabinet is relatively small, so its production is relatively simple. Our production steps are divided into four steps, making wooden cabinets, polishing, painting, and installing. Our production is done strictly in accordance with the construction drawings, we will carefully check the drawings before production to avoid errors. After we start production, it cannot be modified.

We will install logos, lightbox paintings, sockets, mobile phone models, and light strips. What we provide is a finished kiosk. The production time is about 25 working days.

How can I custom my own stand?

First of all, we need to know what size stand we want, as well as all your requirements, logos, etc. Our designers will design according to your requirements. After the design is completed, you can check, if you want to modify it, you can tell us. You will get a satisfactory design here. You can also send the design drawing to your mall for review, and we will revise it based on their comments until it passes the review.

After the design is approved, we start production. So design is the first step in customizing kiosks, and it is also a very important step.


What is the design time?

Our design fee is 300USD, when we confirm the design fee, the design time is 2-3 working days.

What is the kiosk price?

This stand is 3x2m, made of MDF and baking paint. The price is 6800$. If you want to change size, material, or style, the price will different.

How can I get the kiosk?

When finish the production, we will arrange the transportation. We can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address. The shipping fee and time depend on your country and the volume of the goods.


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