Curve shape unique cell phone accessories kiosk design on sale

Although now many people prefer to shopping online, still have many physical stores. This is because many young people prefer to buy things online as they don’t have the time to go shopping or they think online shopping is more convenient. But some old people prefer to go to the physical stores to see and know well what they are going to buy. So if you already have an online shop, you can try to open a cell phone kiosk in the shopping mall to enlarge your business. We can give you some ideas about it, please follow with me.

Cell phone case kiosk design for the mall

This design is a special mobile phone case kiosk design. This one unlike anything we have seen is a curve shape with red color lighted acrylic. Let us see the detailed 3d design of the mobile phone kiosk. It is combined with 3 colors, dark grey color, red color and white color.

The size of this 3d model of the cell phone case kiosk is 3200 x 2680mm. We can see from the detailed 3d design, the four corners of the mobile phone accessories kiosk. It has 3 corners for the high curve shape display showcase and 1 for the logo pillar. And with the middle glass display cabinet, all wooden display shelves with led strip light. It has a small cashier register also if you also offer the mobile phone repair service, you can do the phone repair service here.


The material of the cell phone case kiosk:

Because the shape of this cell phone case kiosk is curve shape, so we’d better use the MDF as the basic material. MDF is a wood material can use to make many curve shape but plywood cannot. That is because plywood is harder wood material so it cannot bend so much. And the surface finish of the mobile phone case kiosk will use baking paint. Our paint is the best use for the commercial furniture.

When we finish the whole kiosk wood body, we will put them together to see it is good or not. And then we will nail up the nail hole and start the undercoat. We will make 5 times undercoat and 2 times finishing coat. ( 7-10 days to finish ) Then we will put the mobile phone accessories kiosk in the baking room to dry them. This usually needs one day to finish. After that, we will start the installation.


About the installation and shipping:

Electrical work:

When we finish the painting job, we will put them together to do the installation. The electrician will do the electrical work first. The factory will install all the wires and sockets, it has a main electric box on the cabinet of the cashier counter. And then, we will leave a black main wire for you to connect to your local power supply. We will install the led strip lights and the lighted 3d logo for you, and we will install the switch for the lights and logo. And then, we will measure the glass dimensions and make the tempered glass. The final step is to install the tempered glass.




Then we will light up the mobile phone kiosk and send the pictures for you to check. After you check the kiosk and say all ok and all good, we will start the packing. The package for the cell phone kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside. For the glass showcase, we will cover all the corners and mark a vulnerability identification on the wooden box.


We can arrange the shipping for you to the port or door to door address. You can send us the nearest destination port from you and your detailed address then we will check the shipping price for you.

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