USA Retail Cell Phone Accessories Kiosk For Shopping Mall

Now the cell phone is the most important thing of people. Some people even can not live without cell phone. Because the cell phone can help us to do many things. For example, you go to the shopping mall, you don’t need to bring cash because you can use the cell phone to pay online. The cell phone also can use to watch video, play games, for people to communicate, it really brings us a lot of convenience.

If you have the cell phone, you must have to protect it or buy something for it. So that is why we need the cell phone accessories. Something like the cell phone cases, earphones, USB cable and so on. If you want to start the electrical products, you can try to sell the cell phone accessories. You can make a cell phone accessories kiosk to open in the shopping mall to have a try first.

Guide you to make a customize phone case kiosk


This is a cell phone accessories kiosk we shipped to USA. We made this mobile phone case kiosk for our VIP returned customer. This customer he ordered a cell phone case kiosk from our company last year.

He contacted our company and wanted to make a customize kiosk to sell the mobile phone case in the shopping mall. The customer found out a location in a shopping mall of USA and told us the space size. And then he paid 300$ design deposit to us. Our design team start to make the 3d design.

3D design

Our design team will make the 3d design customize as the requirement of our customer. The customer told us he wanted to make the cell phone accessories kiosk mainly in red color and white color. And he wanted to add his own logo on the kiosk. If you have your own logo, please send to us, we will add it on the kiosk for you.

The layout, the lighted box, the display way- shelves display or hook display all can customize as your need. Usually, we use white color Led strip light.

How is the production work?

Confirm details

Before we start the production of the cell phone accessories kiosk, our team will confirm all the details with the customer. It include the 3d design, construction drawing, the logo source file, the pictures of the lighted box and the color sample of the material. Then we will print out the 3d design and construction drawing and send to the factory.

Wood body

The woodworker will start to make the wooden body one by one. Because the whole kiosk will combine with a few parts not a whole part.

Painting job

After we finish the wood body, we will start to do the painting job. We will do 5 times base coat and 2 times finishing coat. Very good quality paint material.


After we finish the painting job of the cell phone accessories kiosk, we will do the installation. The electrician will install all the lights, wires and sockets for the kiosk. And then install the 8mm tempered glass. Finally, we will take some finished photos.

How about the packing?

When we finish the kiosk, we will send the finished production pictures for you to check. If you think everything good, we will start to pack the kiosk. Because the whole kiosk is too big, so we will not pack it in a whole package. We will pack them divided into a few parts and foam inside and wooden box outside. It is a very strong package, so that it will not get damage during the shipment.

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