The mobile phone is the smart product we are most familiar with. It has become an indispensable tool in our daily lives. With such market demand, many people want to make money by selling mobile phone accessories.

If you want to start your mobile phone accessories business, you need a perfect kiosk to attract customers. We are a professional manufacturer of mobile phone accessories kiosk. And have a strong design team. We have over 14 years of experience in manufacturing mobile phone kiosks. We can create new designs and provide high-quality products for you.

Description of mobile phone accessories kiosk

This kiosk color is mainly white and yellow, which looks simple and practical. It includes five display showcase for mobile phone accessories, a small cash register counter, and high display cabinets with posters. A poster lightbox installs at the front of the showcase, which can beautify the kiosk and attract customers’ attention. Lightbox poster is an indispensable part of the mobile kiosk. It can change at any time according to your preference, which is convenient and saves cost.

In this picture, we can see the bright floors. We can also provide different colors and styles of floors. It depends on your needs. Flooring is a good way to highlight your kiosks, especially at the mall. We have made many types of flooring for customers in different countries and they are very satisfied with them. The bottom of the kiosk is made of stainless steel kick, which can protect it from friction.

How to start my mobile kiosk design

♦ When you get the space of the mall, make your business plan, and should know what type of shop you need. Then contact us to start your store design.

♦ Design details. When we get the details of your kiosk, such as size, logo, and style, etc, our design team makes a whole 3D design for you. We usually charge $300 as a design deposit. When you confirm the order, we will deduct it from the total price.

♦ Confirm 3D design. We will send the design to you for confirmation within 3-5 days. It is also support for you to modify if you need to add new ideas. You can send the final design to the mall for approval. If the mall operator has any comments on this design, we will also modify the design according to the feedback of the mall

♦ Confirm construction drawing and start production. After the design is approved by the shopping mall, we will make the construction drawing and send it to you for confirmation. You need to pay 50% of the order deposit,then we can start production according to the construction drawing.


Q1: How to order the phone accessories kiosk?

A1: As for a customized kiosk, we should first know the details of the phone kiosk you need. Then check the price and make a quotation. 50% deposit receipt view as an order confirmation. Order finish after we receive the total amount.

Q2: How can I use my favorite color?

A2: You should send you the color code to choose a target color. And use the same color to make the kiosk, so you can finally get the correct phone accessories kiosk.

Q3: How long can I get the phone kiosk?

A3: Production need about 25-28 working days. And shipping time depends on the destination port. We recommend leaving for 2 months to make it. Please confirm the building time in advance.

If you are planning your business of mobile phone accessories and want to know the cost of the kiosk, please let us know your size and style of the kiosk, and we will offer you the best price.

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