Are you looking for a unique mobile phone cover kiosk? With the fast development of society, many people plan to start their own business to earn money. It’s a great idea to open a mobile phone cover business. Because it has the lowest barriers to entry, you do not need to have high skills or hire many employees. What you should do is purchase high quality and attractive mobile phone covers. Then choose a customized mobile phone cover kiosk to start a business. Here is a classic mobile phone cover kiosk sharing with you.

Description About phone cover kiosk

This mobile phone cover kiosk mainly uses to display phone cases, mobile phone accessories and smartphones. So it makes full use of the space to display showcase and restore more items. Every businessman should have a clear mind to decorate the mall kiosk. Only in this way can you find the right kiosk as you want.

phone cover kiosk


The main tone of the mobile phone cover kiosk is green and white with grey for decoration. It does not only match the brand name and logo but also makes your store outstanding from other stores. Especially when there are competitors next to you, the unique decoration style of the mobile phone display cabinet can help you attract customers and promote transactions.


There are tilted mobile phone case display counter in front for displaying mobile phone cases in layers. Customers can see and find the one easily. Behind it is locked cabinets for storage, which help you save space and not waste mall rent. Hind stand in the middle use to place more items while the backside has a counter and locked drawers on the bottom. Besides, the other side has slat wall with locked glass cabinets and locked doors on the back for storage. You can put the brand logo and advertising posters on the top of the high stand. So people can see you from far away. How do you think?

Material show

The basic material is MDF with baking paint. Which makes your looks bright and charming. Clear glass display showcase shows your items in a good way and people can choose the one directly. Every glass has a locked door and led light strip. That protect the phone overs and accessories from stolen. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, lightbox painting, etc.

3D design picture show

mobile phone display showcase phone kiosk design

How to find suitable kiosk decoration?

As the saying goes, there are no two identical leaves in the world. There won’t have a ready mobile kiosk with your brand logo for you. So what you should do is custom made one fit for your location and brand theme. You need to pay a bill to create a 3D design model according to your ideas. The 3D design show how your mobile phone store looks like according to your requirements. If you and the mall manager want to make small changes, we can help you modify better.

Timetable to get the unique mobile phone cover kiosk

  1. Make a business plan first. You should rent the location in the mall and confirm the dimension. It usually takes around a week to a month, or even longer time depending on the process.
  2. Create a 3D design model. It usually needs about 3-5 business days to get clear photos.
  3. Confirm the final design. If you have a clear mind and let us know all your requirements, we can reach to final design soon. However, when you want to modify somewhere, confirm time are not sure but according to you.
  4. Production time. A 12ft by 10ft phone kiosk takes 22-25 days to build it. If you own a large store, it needs more time.
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