Are you looking for a mobile phone case kiosk? The mobile phone business has become more and more popular recently. Because everyone needs at least one mobile phone, one for work connection, and another one for private. If you plan to sell a smartphone, mobile phone, and phone accessories, I am sure that you can earn money. You can also provide a phone repair service to make money and win customers. Today, I want to share a multicolour mobile phone case kiosk with you.

How to design this phone case kiosk?

The design idea from one of our customers from the United Kingdom. He sent us an inquiry about a mobile phone kiosk. He chooses one as the basic design Since we have made many popular and beautiful phone kiosks. Besides, he told us all his requirements for his mobile phone stand. Including the kiosk size, layout, and what every showcase looks like, and add his brand name to the kiosk. Nearly every person wants a unique and attractive kiosk design to start a business. So, we help him add new elements according to his idea.

The new design drawing usually takes about 3 business days. However, we will let the designer make the design soon, so my customer can view the first drawer earlier. When they want to add new ideas, we can also modify them in time. For most customers, the first draft of the design is not always perfect. Because the customer’s ideas are always changing, and the customer’s initial ideas are immature. On the other hand, people want to view different kiosk decoration and choose a better one from them.

3D design picture show

phone store design

This mobile phone cover kiosk makes full use of the space. Every glass showcase and stand with locked doors, therefore, it is very safe to use during the day and night.

From the design picture show, we can see there is two glass showcase on the front side. Closed to the entrance is a large brand logo stand with posters. While another side is a display stand to place mobile phone cases. Another side is a repair counter with both glass showcase on the countertop and display cabinet in front. Besides, people can also pay bills here. Closed to it is a high display shelf with a glass door. A brand logo with a light on the top for people to know you better. The back wall facing customers has a slat wall with hooks for mobile phone covers. Behind it is locked cabinets inside for storage. You can make the cabinet door into an image wall because it can help you promote the product when it is closed.

smart phone cabinets retail phone stand mobile phone kiosk

Material show:

  • Main material: MDF
  • Surface material: Baking paint
  • Glass material: 8 mm tempered glass ˈ10 mm tempered glass
  • Countertop: black man-made stone
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle
  • Other materials: Light strip, acrylic, etc.
  • Size: 4000mm by 2000mm
  • Colour: White, black and yellow
  • Function: Display mobile phone, phone cover and provide phone repair service.
  • Design time: 3 business days
  • Building time: 22-25 business days

What you can get from us?

A business begins with an inquiry. Many customers cooperate with us for many years because of good service and high-quality products. I am sure that we can also help you make perfect mobile phone kiosks, too. Our designer will provide a wonderful kiosk design for you. Our workers focus on the details in making kiosks, so you will get a luxury mobile phone case kiosk. Besides, whenever you have questions, our sales team will help you solve them. From the beginning of the order to the design and production of mobile phone kiosks You can enjoy warm service. If you have any questions about transportation and after-sales, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We are still happy to serve you

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