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Are you looking for a unique ice cream cart design? Opening an ice cream kiosk in the mall is a nice business idea. It is in a fixed location and consumers can find you easily. However, it’s a good idea to start with a street cart first when you have a limited budget. You can push the ice cream cart to different places to meet different customers.

Nice blue ice cream cart design

The main color of the ice cream cart is dark blue. Blue can make us happy, and it is also very eye-catching in hot weather. The front side usually has a brand logo along with posters, so people know what products you sell directly. While the backside has drawers and cabinets. We should also leave a space for the ice cream machine and energy.

There is a glass display cover on the countertop, which display the different taste of ice creams. The size is 2m long by 0.6m wide, the size can change according to your needs. The carved edge of the wood grain also adds color to the car, which makes the decoration of the car richer. You can also replace other edge decorations

Do you like the white canvas that meets light blue on the top of the car? It can block the sun and is also a sign of your business. People can recognize you from far away. You can also print the brand logo here for advertising and attractiveness.

Material introduction:

Item name: Blue ice cream cart | Gelato mobile pushcart

Basic material: MDF

Surface material: Dark blue baking paint

Other materials: 304 stainless steel, metal frame, fabric, acrylic logo, wheels, push handle, etc.

You can also use 304 stainless steel to make a cart, and then spray your favorite color on the surface or stick stickers. This way the cart will have an overall effect and look great. Of course, the price of using different materials will be different because their processes and production methods are different. Plywood with laminate and solid wood finish ice cream cart also very popular nowadays.

How to get the unique ice cream cart?

First, decide a cart size and style for the ice cream cart. Here is a popular size for your reference. 1.2m L*0.5m W, 1.8m L*0.6m W, and 2m L*0.6m W

Second, find a professional designer to make the design model. Our designer needs 3-5 working days to make a unique design. It shows all your requirements.

Third, confirm it as your favorite design. If you think somewhere has to be better, we can help you modify it soon. And also can add your new ideas to the ice cream cart.

Finally, you can get the correct cart design directly. When production follows a 3D design drawing, you can get it as the picture shows.

Production and shipping:

Produce time need about 15-18 working days from order. When we receive a 50% production deposit, it means the order is confirmed. Workers should first prepare materials and cut materials into pieces. Second to make the cart body. This step needs around a week to finish. Because we are purely hand-made, our workers pay attention to every detail to ensure product quality.

The next step is to make the surface the same color as drawing. And also install the drawers and electronics. Till now, you can see the real looks of the cart in real life. Before shipping, we should text every part that works right and take pictures for your confirmation. Also, clean the counters and drawers before delivery. We will use the wood box to package the goods to fit for long-distance delivery. If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Thank you

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