Are you going to open a nail station in the beauty salon shop? Nail art becomes popular among people, nearly everyone enjoys nail art service. They even go to the beauty salon many times to make themselves look charming. It’s a great idea to start nail services in the mall center. Manicure and pedicure stations can help you provide service better and also a symbol of your brand. Today, I want to introduce a nice manicure and pedicure kiosk to you. Let’s view more details together.

Description About the nail kiosk

  • Color: Green and white
  • Size: 4m×2.4m
  • Function: Display showcase nail polish, provide manicure and pedicure services
  • Style: Modern and Unique
  • Design idea: 2-3 business day
  • Payment terms: 50% deposit before shipping and  50% balance before shipping
  • Production time: 20-25 business days after order confirmation
  • Shipping time: It depends on the shipping method and final port

As we can see in the picture, the manicure and pedicure station has 5 manicure tables and one pedicure chairs. The corner is curved, which can decoration the kiosk and protect customers. Closed to the manicure table is a pedicure chair with posters outside. While the back wall full of glass cabinets to showcase nail polish. A waiting sofa is set here. People can sit here and wait for a while. Besides, the other side has a cashier counter, display area, water sink for convenient use. You can put the brand logo and menus here on the wall to attract people. Do you like this manicure and pedicure kiosk design? Whatever layout and color you want, we can show it clearly in a new 3D design.

Let’s view the nail station clearly

Nail Station Design

If you get a new location in your mall, you can tell me the location space, then we can design the station according to your size and your requirements. We can provide station 3D design and the construction drawings, you can send them to your mall for review. When we get the pass, we can start production. All of our stations can be customized. You can get your favorite station here. Our design fee is 300USD, when receiving the design fee, our design time is about 2-3 working days. This design fee is for our cooperation, it will be deducted from your balance payment when we place an order.

Our Station Material

This nail station is made of MDF and baking paint. Its colors are light green and white. There are many colors in our paint, you can choose the color you like. Its surface is glossy and very shiny. If you like matte, you can also tell us.

We will provide and install a sink, acrylic logo, cushion, sockets, lightbox, lock, and LED light.

When you receive the station, you can just put the separated cabinet together, then connect the plugs between them. Some of them need to be fixed with screws. After we finish the production, we will take a video for you.

If you have any ideas about the nail station design, please feel free to contact us. I am glad to discuss more details with you and share more new designs for your reference.

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