Girls’ pursuit of beauty is definitely more than just face and figure. With the development of beauty technology, they also pay more and more attention to details. There is a big market for nail projects alone. Many entrepreneurs have seen the future of nail salons and plan to open their own nail station in the mall.

How much to open a nail station in the mall center?


Opening a manicure shop in a mall is a very small investment. Starting nail salons in different cities and different shopping malls, there will be great differences in rent. Renting a 10ft *10ft rent in a mall is about 5000usd a month.


Before opening a nail counter in the mall, you need to prepare the nail equipment. For example, sanding machine, disinfection cabinet, air dryer, light therapy machine, etc. The total cost of these devices is about 10,000 US dollars.


Although the nail cabinet does not need to be decorated like a shop, it also needs to be beautiful and unique. The warm and fashionable style will attract more customers for you. It is recommended to use high-quality materials, which can make your shop high-end atmosphere. And stand out from other stores. If you choose Unique Furniture to customize your nail cabinet, you will only need to spend 6000usd-9000usd, which will save you a lot of money.

Real pictures show

manicure station

manicure counter nail station

What else do you need to open a nail kiosk?

In addition to some nail equipment, some nail documents are also essential. Both business licenses and health permits are required, and the procedures for handling these certificates are also very simple. You only need to go to the relevant local authorities to apply.

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