Hi friend, nice to meet you here. Do you interested in the hot dog kiosk? Are you going to open a hot dog shop in the mall? Now you are in the right place. The hot dog kiosk can better help your business and can help you earn more money. As for a new business, it’s a good idea to make a unique hot dog booth. Because the design idea use to build a retail Today, I want to share more about the hot dog kiosk with you. If you get a location in the mall center and ready to start, please don’t miss it.

Information about hot dog kiosk

When you are go open a fast food kiosk in the mall center, you should first rent a loctation in the mall center. Like this red hot god kiosk, the dimension is 4m by 2m. You can put hot dog machine, pancake machine, drink fridge, coffee machine inside the kiosk. That means, you should confirm the machines and its size first. Then, find a place to install them. The back wall has shelves to place more items for sale. For most of the mall managers, they want to review your kiosks, so you’d better make a new design and put your brand logo to the kiosk. If you like this style very much, we can help you change the logo to yours and make it the same size as your space. You need to confirm whether the shopping mall can accept the top ceiling before we can modify it according to the shopping mall specifications so that you can successfully pass the audit and start business.

hot dog kiosk fast food booth red food stand retail booth

Time table show:

When you have new idea to build the fast food booth, we can help you make a new design. The new design drawing need about 3 days. If you like the new design, production takes 20-25 days. As for shipping, you can tell us which port is near you, we can check the shipping time. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us. We are here and ready to help.

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