With the rapid economic development, everyone wants to have their own business. Fast food kiosks are popping up everywhere. If you plan to open a fast food kiosk, the airport is a good place. Airplanes allow us to reach our destination quickly and safely, and people are more willing to travel by air. Therefore, starting your business at the airport can help you gain more customers and earn money. You should rent a place in the airport and choose a suitable kiosk to start. Here is a unique fast food kiosk introduce to you. Hope it will help you better.

Introduction about food kiosk

As we can see in the design drawing, the main color isi white and beige with yellow floor lamp. There are two big machines in each side, so customers can purchase drinks and snacks conveniently. The checkout counter is set in the front side, people can pay bills here. When add cabinets here, people can take away tegother, which can help you improve sales performance. In face, appropriate display can help us better sell products. While the back side is a glass display showcase. The side wall can hang on menu and posters. Sink is set here on the counter top and locaked cabinets on the bottom used for storage. Do you like this kiosk design?

food kiosk snack booth retail kiosk

Materials show:

The man material of the kiosk is plywood. The surface material is tile and solid wood. If you want a high end kiosk, we recommend to use marble workbench. Other materials including glass, stainless steel, light strip, spot light, light box logo, etc.

Before make the kiosk, we recommend to make a design first. So that you can see your own kiosk clearly. And leave enough space to install machines. When you like the kiosk design, we can help you build it. So you can get the right kiosk you need. If you have any new ideas about fast food kiosk, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

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