Nature Wood and White Bubble Tea Kiosk Design to Winnipeg

In the hot summer, sitting down and drinking a cup of ice bubble tea is a very pleasant thing. Bubble tea is famous for its delicious taste and simple way of making. It’s a very great idea to join a brand and earn money. You can also create a brand and upgrade it to a chain brand to obtain franchises. Today, I want to share a nice bubble tea kiosk with you. It’s a good choice as a chain brand mall kiosk.

bubble tea kiosk

Introduction of bubble tea kiosk

Natural wood and white color is a very hot sale finish decoration. We have made many food kiosks, service kiosks, and display kiosks with wood surfaces. The design is simple, but the effect is very unique. The material of solid wood makes people feel friendly and hygienic and can distinguish your shop from other shops.

Layout description:

As we can see in the front counter show the real looks of bubble tea in different tastes. People can intuitively see the bubble tea they buy from the picture. These photos can also arouse people’s desire to buy it. Cashier counter set in the middle, and brand menu in the end, so people can choose in advance even waiting inline, then order. Consumers can wait to pick up the food on the right side of the reception counter, which makes it easier to maintain the order of purchase and picking.

The back wall near the entrance is a 3-compartment sink. Another side is a working counter with one sink, it also uses as a working table. The middle is a space for the machine, so please decide the machine size before production, so workers will leave space in advance.

Two sides are working tables with locked cabinets for storage. Under counter machines also place this area to save space. Brand logo place in front of the counters.

mall food kiosk

Poster introduction:

This bubble tea kiosk covers by lightbox posters and stickers. It attracts people from 4 directions. There is also a menu board on the back wall, when people go by, they will see the item list and prices directly.

Color choices:

It includes 3 colors in total, white, wood, and black color. On the side is a three-color splicing triangle, which enhances the sense of design and technology of the counter.

More information:

Size: 10ft×15ft, it can match your location size

Material: Plywood is the basic material of the kiosk body. The surface material is the solid wood surface and white laminate. The countertop is white Corian stone, very durable and convenient to use. Kicking usually uses stainless steel to cover it.

bubble tea shop

How to get the unique mall kiosk?

First, rent a place in the shopping center. Because the bubble tea kiosk should match the location and meet mall rules.

Second, make the bubble tea kiosk design. The 3D model has to follow your requirements and with your brand logo. It’s better to tell the designer material to use, so they can use the same material to build it.

Third, send the confirmed design drawing to the landlord. If the manager doesn’t review the kiosk design, you can choose it as the final design. However, if their review process is complicated, we suggest leaving more time for approval.

Fourthly, confirm the order and make a construction drawing. The construction drawing shows how the kiosk being made, what material to use and the size of each counter, etc.

Finally, production of the bubble tea kiosk according to the drawing. Only in this way, you can get the right kiosk with the correct brand logo.

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