Dessert is a favorite of many people. It contains not only food, but also drinking. After work and leisure, you can choose dessert to relax yourself. I like to drink delicious desserts, which will make my mood better. What I want to introduce to you today is a dessert kiosk.

Customer thoughts

The customer is from Canada and he has his own shop. His brand is a chain and has opened many stores in Canada. Now I want to open a kiosk in the mall. The color he wants is the same as the theme of his logo, mainly white, blue and  solid wood .

Sweet Kiosk

The main material of kiosk is plywood, and the surface is Formica fireproof board. Formica Fire Board is a special requirement of customers. Formica fireproof board is very good for the whole kiosk, it will make the surface texture more perfect. We use artificial stone for his counter-top. This will protect the counter-top. He only needs a set of logos on the cabinet, and then an advertising machine to promote his brand.


The front is mainly a service-oriented, his cash register is placed. The customer’s logo is placed on the front of the cabinet. An advertising player is placed on his right to facilitate customers to browse products and place orders. To the left of the kiosk are blue tiles. The color of the tiles is also made according to the color of the logo. This will make the whole design better match. Only a good design will have a good finished product. In addition, the other parts of kiosk are made of solid wood. The interior is mainly composed of a pool and a workbench. Working table is the milk tea making table, and then the sink. On the other side is the refrigerator and sink. We will reserve enough space for the refrigerator.

Production Process

The kiosk include 3 steps production process. And production part includes: wooden cabinet, fireproof board and installation.

Wooden box:

The wooden cabinet is the foundation of our entire project. Before making, we must first confirm the construction drawings and 3D drawings. After confirming, we will start production. When making wooden cabinets, we will reserve locations for sockets, logos and light boxes.

Stick the Laminate:

Use a hook knife (or the back of the wallpaper knife) to cut out a fireproof board that is slightly larger than the required size. Then brush the tempered glue on the fireproof board and the place where it needs to be pasted, and dry it until it does not stick to your hands (5-15 minutes) and stick the fireproof board. We need to press or hit with a hammer (to pad the plate) without bubbles, and then use a plate file (for iron) to cut off the excess. Then this part is complete. This part is very important, so this part takes the most time.

Install the Accessories:

During the step, we need to install the logo, sockets, drawers, cabinet door and the light box.


Time includes design time, production time and transportation time. Our 3d design time takes about 3-5 working days. Of course, you need to consider the review time of the mall during this period. Therefore, our customers generally reserve 1-2 weeks. The production time of kiosk is about 22-25 working days. As for the shipping time, the shipping time depends on which port is closer to you.
You can tell me and we can check it for you.

How to install if I receive it?

We divided it and produce it into several parts. When you receive the kiosk, you just put the wooden cabinet together according to the construction drawings. Then connect the wire together. the kiosk can work successfully.

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