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The hand is the second face of the woman. Modern women demand beauty not more than a beautiful face and graceful figure. There are also beautiful slender fingers. That is why the nail salon has become the third-largest female industry after the apparel industry.

Now more and more young people are willing to do a nail salon and learn nail art. Let me introduce the advantage of learning nail service.

Firstly. Manicure is an art of hand modification. A simple nail decoration can make your hand look more attractive. And the nail art is divided into three levels: junior, middle and high. It is very easy to learn primary nail art. As long as you are willing to learn. You will learn quickly. Then you can enjoy the fun of DIY nail art at home.

Secondly. After learning nail art, you can become a manicurist, Or a nail salon painted art designer. The development prospect of the nail industry is consistently optimistic. With more and more nail salons open. The supply of nail professionals is in short supply, Many nail shops cannot recruit people. If you learn this technique, Development in this industry is a very good choice.

Thirdly. Manicure is a low-input, high-return industry, Operating a nail shop has a high- profit margin. nail saon


Layout: It shapes as a  rectangle. There are three Manicure tables with chairs and mirrors. A checkout counter and a sling chair. Two exits is more convenient for coming and going. The four sides outside of the nail kiosk are led logo advertisement, which can attract many people’s attention.

  • Material: MDF, stainless steel, tempered glass.
  • MOQ:1 set
  • Size:3*5m. It can be customized according to the size you need.
  • Color:  black,yellow etc. Can change any color for you.
  • Service:  manicure, nail art, pedicure
  • Accessories: led light, Mirror. Chair.
  • Design time:3-4 work days
  • Transportation: by sea,express delivery
    or air freight, it’s up to you.

sail salon


Design process

After we know the kiosk you want, we can do the design for you. We will send you the preliminary design for confirmation within 3-4 working days.We can also modify it base on your ideas.When the design meets your requirements, you can also send it to the mall for approval.

When the mall has any feedback, we can also modify it for you. After the mall approval we can make a detailed quotation for you.Before production, we will make the construction drawings for you so that you can check everything is good.Then you can pay 50% order deposit and we can arrange production.

About us:

We are a professional custom furniture kiosk factory and have a professional engineering design team, in this field has more than 10 years of experience.We can make different kinds of nail kiosks as you want. Different customers have different requirements about size/color /style.  We can design it as follows on your requirements. Please tell us your ideas for making it.

In terms of production and quality, our company has established a strict quality control system.Our workers will completely follow the 3D design and construction drawing to produce, and we are purely handmade, the quality is more guaranteed.During the production process, we will also follow up for you.We will send you pictures and videos to let you know the production process.


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