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Women like to do nail salons when they are shopping in the mall. So the nail counter is where they are most like to go. Manicure has become a part of the daily life of contemporary women. If you don’t do nail art, you always feel that a part of your life is missing, just like boys who love smoking. let’s see why the women like to do nail salon at firstly. Here are the reasons. 

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the reasons women love manicure 

  1. Women who love manicures are more feminine Manicures can make women more feminine. The color of fingernails is stronger than that of any cosmetics. Its female concentration is the highest, far above the lip gloss, and women have charm because of their embellishment.  

2. A Manicure can reflect the charm of femininity As the saying goes, the hand is the second face of the woman. A pair of hands is definitely a charming beauty. Women’s hands are very attractive. Fingernails are part of the fingers. Fashionable and beautiful nails add a woman’s soft temperament. The nail style of female fingertips can reflect her temperament and charm.  

nail kiosk

3. Manicure makes women more confident Confident women are the most beautiful. Nail art is not only the beauty of your fingertips but also the improvement of your own heart. As a girl, you must love yourself first, and then bring joy to others when you are happy. It is easy to be happy when you dress yourself up beautifully. You usually reach out to others with a pair of hands that make beautiful nails, so that others are pleasing and at the same time More confident.    

nail booth

the introduction of this nail counter.

Material: the basic material is MDF, plywood.  

Size:4*2m.  Color:  black, wood color.

Usage: shopping mall, retail shop.

Service: manicure, pedicure, nail polish.

Accessories: led lightbox, mirror, sink

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