Nail polish exhibition kiosk hot sale display stand for nail polish show

Nail polish exhibition is held in different city and country, before the exhibition, we receive inquiries about building new nail exhibition kiosks to show their products.

We built exhibition kiosks for different fields, like salon, food, clothes and so on. What impressed me the most is below nail polish exhibition kiosk.

It is main display nail polish in the exhibition. Almost furniture with nail polish bottles in it. From both sides, there are two long display stands with lights on toe kick, and on the countertop with a lot of shelves to put nail polish bottles inside.  Next to both long display stands are two same nail tables. Those are for customers to test nail polishes. In the middle, there are two display shelves with double-sided display for nail polish bottle.

Behind the cash register counter is the background wall with a big poster and spotlights on the top. Also, on both side background wall are two big nail polish bottles, this idea what we suggested to our customer. So it can show the product better and clearly.


Also, from the above picture, on the back of poster is a big image of nail polish bottles. In order to attract more customers to check and test products.

Sometimes, we provide better suggestions for our customers reference, to build suitable furniture for them. At the same time, we could provide all the services for customers: design, produce, deliver, install.

If you are looking for a customize furniture, please feel free to contact us.



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