Filed a manicure, Most girls must be familiar with and love. it’s very popular all around the world. it mainly location in manicure store and shopping center.

As an Original entrepreneur, are you ready plan to start your own nail bar kiosk business? Here the one I wanna introduce is a very exquisite beauty salon nail bar kiosk. if you’re interested. it’s necessary to see more details below.

Like this nail bar kiosk, it’s very elegant and exquisite. the basic tone is white, match a little Pale purple. the left side is an 850mm height nail bar, with five manicure chair. on the corner is a small cashier counter and nail polish display stand (  is Ladder to show). at the right sides is two manicure station. with drawers, cabinet and Nail duster.

The back sides are a back wall, with a pedicure station, waiting for the area and a high stand for nail polish display. is very comfortable. do you like the whole kiosk layout?

nail bar kiosk


Basic information about this nail bar kiosk: 

      Size: 6000X3000mm.

      Color:  white, purple.

      Material: MDF, frosted glass.

      Design: 3D max and CAD drawings.

      Delivery: 20-22 workdays.

      Service: manicure, pedicure, nail polish.

      Accessories:  LED light, acrylic logo.

      Price:  9500usd (100% customized and high quality).


How I can build a Unique nail bar kiosk for my own business? 
If you plan to start your own salon business, at first you need to rent a store, the site selection and shop layout are very important. Sufficient customer source is beneficial to your business development. The second most important thing is to design an attractive design for the entire shop, as a direct supplier, we can design and customized, also can help you produce it. you just need to share all of your ideas and request, we can make it come true. 


The unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer mainly work on the design and customize different types of retail salon kiosk and display fixtures. if you’re interested to know more info or other related design, pls direct contact us here, thank you! 

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