Modern Watch Display Kiosk For Mall Furniture Showcase On Sale

Watch is a tool for keeping time on the wrist. We can quickly know the time through the watch. And wearing a watch can give people a good impression of being punctual. Most people all like watches. Because of it, many people start to watch business. Are you interested in the watches business? If you plan to start it, this modern watch display kiosk can help you.

Watch display design steps:

First, have a clear mind of the watch kiosk decoration. As for a customized watch kiosk decoration, your idea is very important to follow. Second, find a professional kiosk factory to cooperate with. You can choose us since we are kiosk manufacture and full of experience. Third, tell us all your needs. Including size, color, layout, decoration, etc. It’s the base idea to make full use of it. Fourth, our designer draws a 3D design model according to confirmed requirements. The first drawing will give you within 3 days. What you should do is to check the design drawing carefully. Finally, when you confirm the 3D design picture, we will make a construction drawing with details. You can see material information, electronic plan, separate counters here. And even assembly the kiosk when you received it.

Produce The Modern Watch Display Kiosk

The color of this watch display kiosk is white. On the whole, its shape is like an Arabic numeral 7. It looks very special and modern. When we near this kiosk, we can see a large three-dimensional logo plate with a lightbox. And there is a poster of a watch on the light box. This is very vivid and attractive. It also has several small lightboxes on the same side. They are pasted with different watches posters.

In addition, showing the watches is the glass stand with high definition. The glass stand has two different display shapes. One is rectangular and the other is square. But square glass stands are different from rectangle glass stands. The square glass stands are all at the corners. And they are higher than the rectangular glass stands. It’s very unique.

Design pictures show:

watch kiosk

watch display

How To Make Your Kiosk More Outstanding

  1. Choose the right material. Using the right materials will make your kiosk more effective. Like watch display kiosk, you can select MDF as the base material. The surface of the MDF is flat and smooth. It is convenient for finishing and saving paint. MDF can also absorb moisture. It is suitable for a watch display kiosk.
  2. Unique kiosk design. The special and beautiful kiosks can bring visual enjoyment to customers. So choose a style you like, then tell the designer more details about the kiosk. The designer can design for you an exclusive kiosk as your needs.
  3. Reasonable layout. The reasonable layout can not only help us make full use of space, but also make our watch display more attractive. You can have more storage space and display space.


——Q: How much do you charge for a kiosk design?

A: The kiosk design fee is 300usd. For the kiosk price, it depends on the size and style.

—–Q: How much is the total cost of a 3m by 3m watch kiosk?

A: It costs about 6500usd, price according to the final design

—–Q: It’s any chance to be delivered in London?

A: Yes, we can ship it to London. We have many projects in London

—-Q: Can you help me change materials if possible?

—-A: Yes, we can use the same material as you need. And can also use your favorite color

Thank you for your time and reading. If you want to learn more information about the display kiosk, please contact us here. We look forward to cooperating with you.

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