High End Watch Kiosk With Top Frame In Mall Showcase For Sale

The jewelry industry is developing very fast. Many people like to buy some small items. Watches are a must for many people. It can not only remind the time, but also show the aesthetics and taste. Many people have special plots for watches. For example, lovers like to use watches as tokens. Watches are so popular with the public. Do you want to make a watch kiosk? If you have this plan, the first thing is to choose the address of the watch kiosk.

Selection Of Watch Kiosk Address

First, inspect the surrounding environment. Then give priority to places where the population consumption rate is high, and can create performance. For example, near the business district, shopping malls and pedestrian streets.

Second, pay attention to the competitor’s position. Then look for a place that is enough to contend and keep the watch kiosk in the lead.

Third, choose a golden area with convenient transportation. Usually people who start a business will check the commuting routes of pedestrians. Because the commuting hours are different, the flow of people and cars on both sides will be different. You can put the watch kiosk on the off-duty route. This way people will have time to go shopping after get off work.

After knowing the key points of watch kiosk location, I will share a watch kiosk with you today.

3D Images To Showwatch kioskwatch shop

This is a high end watch kiosk with top frame. The top frame is hollow rectangle. There is a light strip and some spotlights on the top frame. They make the whole watch kiosk very bright. And we can see there is 3D logo on the outside of its front. Besides, there are three big light boxes with watch posters inside the wall. It looks very gorgeous and charming. The watches are displayed in three large glass cabinets. Also they has luxurious light boxes with logos on the outside. This can attract people’s attention. Of course, you can put a cash register in the middle of the watch kiosk. It is helpful for work. Do you like it?

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